7 Incredible Special Forces Rescue Missions In World

7 Craziest Special Forces Rescue Missions

Incredible rescue missions that will blow your mind.

#1 – Operation Thunderbolt

Arguably one of the most spectacularly audacious hostage rescues in all of history – Operation Thunderbolt remains a bold staple of military excellence. When Air France Flight 139 (and her 250 passengers) were hijacked by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, they slowly allowed any non-Israeli hostages to go, only keeping the 106 passengers and air crew that fit the bill. After landing at Entebbe Airport in Uganda (a country that was sympathetic to the terrorists), 100 Israeli commandos flew 2,500 miles in disguises to the terminal building holding the people inside. After the commandos swarmed the building, seven hijackers, forty Uganda military employees and one Israeli soldier were killed – but all 102 of the remaining hostages were successfully released from captivity.

#2 – Operation Chavin de Huantar

Back in December 1996, the Japanese Ambassador’s residence in Peru was seized by 14 rebels of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, slipping past hundreds of people, armed guards and officials attending the premises to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday. After four long months of standing off, Peruvian forces snuck cameras and strategic clothing in to the prisoners as part of aide packages – while secret tunnels were dug underneath the building – ready for an assault. On April 22, 140 Peruvian commandos launched their choreographed assault on the tunnel guards as others stormed the entrances and climbed the rear walls. Although one hostage and two soldiers were lost to the battle, ALL of the rebels and over one hundred hostages were rescued.

#3 – Moscow Theatre Siege

In October 2002, 40 armed Chechen militants, supporting the separatist movement in Chechnya, took control of the Dubrovka Theatre located in Moscow – taking over 850 people inside hostage. Chosen by terrorists due to the difficult-to-rescue floor plan layout of the building, the hijackers further complicated rescue attempts by strapping themselves with bombs, ready to sacrifice themselves to stop any would-be-hero. After the second day, two hostages were executed – sending the Russian government into full force. Special forces such as Alpha Team and Vega Groups pumped an undisclosed chemical inside to knock everyone out, killing all 40 Chechens and 130 hostages – but saving the remaining 700.

#4 – Air France Flight 8969

Four members of the Armed Islamic Group planned on blowing up Air France Flight 8969 over Paris – killing three hostages and hijacking the airliner on December 24, 1994. The plane ran short on fuel – requiring an emergency landing in Marseille before carrying forward to Paris. However, the French sent counter-terrorist group GIGN in for reconnaissance and intel-gathering before being forced into action. After the hijackers opened fire on the French control tower, 30 GIGN soldiers stormed the plane through both doors, killing most of the pirates within minutes. The final hijacker barricaded himself in the cockpit, bleeding to death from his wounds – while all the remaining hostages were saved.

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