6 TV Shows and Movies Where Heavy NERF Guns Were Used

Heavy NERF Guns In TV Shows and Movies

File this away in “Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed”: there are people who actually earn their living making custom Nerf guns. *All 10-year-old boys’ ears perk up* As you would expect, these custom guns are completely awesome and perfect for sci-fi movies. Sometimes, though, it seems like the props department just spray paints a Nerf gun and calls it a day. Here are a few times a barely-disguised Nerf gun was used on TV or the movies:

1. Terra Nova

Terra Nova was the most expensive show on television in 2011, with a budget of four million dollars per episode. You’d think they could afford to get some cooler guns! Maybe then it wouldn’t have been canceled after just thirteen episodes.

2. Lana Del Rey’s ‘High By The Beach’

Lana Del Rey is attempting to look badass in her hit music video, but any Nerf connoisseur can see that she’s brandishing a painted Longshot Blaster. Apparently they can shoot down helicopters? In the video, they cut to the guitar case already opened because there’s no way that Nerf gun would actually fit in there. Come on Lana, you can do better than that!

3. Android Cop

The 2014 movie Android Cop was set in 2045, and is actually a mockbuster of RoboCop. But if you didn’t see this direct-to-video movie, DON’T WORRY. The low budget film obviously didn’t put much money towards futuristic guns.

4. Hunter Prey

This 2010 independent science fiction film actually got some amazing reviews. Nick Hartel of DVD talk said “Hunter Prey is likely to go down as one of the best sci-fi films in a long time that most people will never see.” That said, their $425,000 must not have allowed for weapon creation, because they literally used Nerf Longshots painted black.

5. Mega Piranha

The made-for-TV movie Mega Piranha is ridiculous on every level, and the guns they use are no exception. They were trying to ride the wave of Piranha 3-D (successfully? no). The three million dollar budget obviously went to the crappy special effects.

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