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8 Causes Why Your Cell Phone Battery Might Be Dying

8 causes why your cell phone battery might be dying. We normally whine about it, and most of the time we decide it’s the maker’s fault. Fact is, mobile technology has grown fast over the past 4-5 years, but battery technologies only has not kept speed. Handsets use lithium-ion batteries with a average lifespan of 2-3 years. They’re efficient power sources and normally last a couple days when fully charged.

We must consider that manufacturing companies test the telephone for calling and testing only when it comes to battery lifetime, they do NOT print the battery life when using many programs. So, battery lifespan is examined only for the basic uses of the mobile.
Under “ordinary” use circumstances, yet, we do a lot more than that. Here are 8 of the things that a cellphone tends to participate in on a real world basis:

8 Causes Cell Phone Battery Might Be Dying:

1. Bluetooth on most phones having it’s almost always on.
2. We have got several applications running in the foreground and history – even these we aren’t using.
3. E-Mails are being sent and the Internet is being browsed.
4. The brightness of our mobile screen is set to large by default.
5. We have got sounds and vibrating alerts on, as opposed to purposeful ringtones.
6. For voyagers and company users on roaming, the phone is continually locating a signal — which eats into prized battery time like no one’s business.
7. We tend to over-charge our battery by keeping it plugged in for over 24 hours, or the reverse  fully discharge the battery before recharging it again.
8. Lastly (and more generally), our cellphone is constantly subjected to warmth, cool, dust, rain, oil fumes, shocks and vibrations including accidental drops on a hard flooring.
The initial 6 use up electricity while the past 2 can irreversibly damage the cellphone.

Low electricity is the thing users whine about most, and the more service a cellphone offers, the more electricity is consumed, but as nicely you stress chip and memory.

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