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Amazing Luxury Fourtain Pens Pictures

Amazing Luxury Fourtain Pens Pictures. Romain Jerome, creator in the DNA number of luxurious watches, have made an accumulation of luxury fountain pens. Created in 2008 the Titanic-DNA Fountain Pens collection has limitations to a number of 88 exquisitely handcrafted pieces only. Inside of a tribute on the Titanic ship, the pens are built from the best materials, including Palladium, brass, PVD, stainless-steel and gold. Each Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA fountain pen is decorated using a ring of oxidized steel in the barrel with all the metal as being a mixture of materials reclaimed in the actual sunken ship and steel extracted from Harland & Wolff shipyards in which the Titanic was built. Extra new the MoonFighter pen is made of a variety of MoonSilver – an alloy of moon dust and silver – and fragments from the Apollo II. It boasts 48 hand-fixed rivets, a titanium point, plus a wing-shaped dock. The Moon Fighet is fixed to 888 items. Enjoy the fun!


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