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Most Amazing Pedestrian Bridges Around The World

Most Amazing Pedestrian Bridges

These cool pedestrian bridges will blow your mind away.

Dragon King Kong Bridge

Pedestrian Dragon King Kong Bridge is located in the Chinese city of Changsha. The bends of the bridge is very similar to the Mobius strip — a symbol of combined space which is so significant for the Chinese philosophy. The length of the Dragon King Kong Bridge is 185 meters, height — 22 meters.

Rolling Bridge

Amazing design of Rolling Bridge in London. This is a real transformer. Once the vessels have to pass on the Grand Union Canal, one side of the bridge rises and literally rolls into circle.

Moses Bridge

All are accustomed to that bridges are built over objects or water. However, the Dutch architects wanted to do something different and create a bridge below the level of the reservoir. The name “Moses Bridge” is the best suited for a small wooden walkway. After all, in the biblical story the prophet made waters of the Red Sea to stand apart from each ot. For the durability of the structure was used specially treated wood that does not rot for 50 years.

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