Amazing prize


When someone hears about “online casinos”, he or she might imagine a bunch of unshaven, stinking addicts in last week’s clothes sitting in front of their computer, clicking like a maniac and mumbling about the next round to bring them the big win. Actually, most of the online gamblers are completely different. Many of them play online casino games as much for fun as for the win, more for the excitement than for the money itself.

amazing prize

Online casinos always try to make the online gambling experience even more exciting for their customers, that’s why they always think of new, better promotions, loyalty programs and bonuses. Some are smaller, like a bunch of free bets here, some bonus money there, a tournament, a raffle or a freeroll. Others, like the one I will describe in this article, are outright amazing.

Royal Vegas is a well-known, popular online casino owned and operated by the Malta-based company Fortune Lounge Group, one of the oldest gambling groups in Europe. The Royal Vegas was launched in 2000, among the first ones launched by the operator. It is accessible ever since for players all around the world.

Players of the Royal Vegas casino games have the chance to win the amazing prize I mentioned earlier: a 7 day Caribbean cruise for two on board the fantastic cruise ship called Oasis of the Seas, filled with parties, fun, cash prizes and lots of real casino games.

This is not the first time Fortune Lounge organizes such cruises: the first one took place in 2006. If you visit the promotion’s web page ( you will see that if your image about online gamblers was like the one I described in the first paragraph of this article – the unshaven addict mumbling in front of a computers – was quite wrong. Online gamblers are actually people like you and me, looking for some fun and games online.

For a chance to win this amazing prize all you have to do is to register at the Royal Vegas online casino, or any other run by the Fortune Lounge Group, make a qualifying deposit, play the qualifying games, participate in the right lucky draws for a chance to win either one of the 50 double tickets to the cruise, or a share of the €1 million prize pool.

Please note that the promotion comes with terms, conditions and restrictions – more information about these can be found on the Fortune Lounge Cruise website, or the websites of any Fortune Lounge casinos.

Even if you don’t believe in your chance to win such an amazing prize, visit one of the Fortune Lounge online casinos for a fun and exciting casino game. Remember – casino games can really be addictive, so don’t exaggerate…

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