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Amazing Tree Houses For Grown-Ups To Spend Night

Who says tree houses are just for kids? Today, the traditional treehouse has been adopted by and adapted for adults. With complex construction, stylish designs, and fully-equipped interiors, the charming childhood staple has matured into a modern, all-ages hideaway. In this collection of treehouses for grown-ups, we present and explore amazing tree houses.

Amazing Tree Houses For Grown-Ups To Spend Night

Some, like The Woodman’s TreehouseKusukusu, and Treehouse Point, retain the iconic structure’s classic elements, like unpainted wood walls, dangling bridges, and a relatively square design. Others, including Tree in the House, Free Spirit Spheres, and The UFO feature futuristic elements and an entirely modern design. And some, such as E’terra Samara, The 7th Room, and Urban Treehouse combine both styles into treehouses that are undeniably contemporary while still “rooted” in tradition.

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