Real Life Animal Whisperer Took Selfies With Wild Animals

In 2015, we were amazed by the furry friendships and selfie-taking skills of Auckland-based adventurer Allan Dixon. Known as “the animal whisperer,” Dixon has made a name for himself as a modern-day Dr. Doolittle—though, instead of specializing in taking care of cuddly creatures, his expertise lies in posing with them.

Real Life Animal Whisperer Took Selfies With Wild Animals

Like many social media users, Dixon often posts selfies on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. Unlike most self-shot snaps, however, Dixon’s photos usually feature some unusual co-stars. Kangaroos, wild birds, sheep, and a grizzly bear are just some of the amazing animals that have made appearances in Dixon’s recent remarkable photographs. With each new addition, his extended animal family grows, but long-time fans need not worry; he still posts plenty of his signature, smiley shots of quokkas. They remain his favorite species of selfie sidekick and “the happiest animal in the world.”

In addition to roaming around photographing adorable animals, Dixon is also busy planning a number of projects, from a book on mindfulness to “some personal quokka projects” (mysterious!). Whether working or playing, you can see all of Dixon’s critter-centric selfies using the #DaxonsAnimalSelfies hashtag.

See a few of our favorite shots of the “Animal Whisperer” below!

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