25 Animals Who Are Mastered In Taking Perfect Selfie

The term selfie hasn’t been around for that long, but it’s already deeply ingrained into our society. A selfie is one way to show off your impeccable fashion, as well as proof that you did something (or met someone) cool. It’s even turned into a viable career option for a few lucky people—Kim Kardashian published an entire book dedicated hers, so this style of self-portraiture is definitely here to stay. As if there isn’t enough selfie competition, the animal kingdom has even gotten into the game. Animal selfies are not only amusing, but they might even make you jealous—some of them are undeniably photogenic.

Animals Are Mastered In Taking Perfect Selfie

From wild animals to domesticated dogs and cats, these creatures have perfected the art of the selfie. Sometimes, it’s with a human. Allan Dixon, a self-proclaimed “animal whisperer,” takes pictures with the likes of quokka and kangaroos. To do this, he first spends time with each creature in order to earn their trust. Then, when the moment is right, he snaps a selfie.

While Dixon takes a highly-methodical approach, other pictures are more serendipitous. In 2011, photographer David Slater left his camera unattended while at a monkey reserve in Indonesia. A curious macaque monkey named Naruto grabbed the device and shot a couple of charming photos. Oddly enough, they were later the subject of a legal battle—trying to determine to whether a human or primate owned the copyright—that was finally settled in early 2016. (Slater still owns the copyright.)

Check out the hilarious animal selfies, below. Some are so good that they’re sure to give you goals for your own photos.

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