Family Lives In Arctic Circle By Building Cob House

The Arctic Circle conjures up images of extreme weather conditions. One family has managed to create their own cozy oasis in Norway. The Hjertefølger family has been living on Norway’s Sandhornøya island. They started their journey into sustainable living, since 2013. Their three-story cob home—built from sand, water, clay, and other organic materials. It is encased in an aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Family Lives In Arctic Circle By Building Cob House

Placing the 25-foot-high dome around the five-bedroom, two-bathroom home gave the six-person family protection from strong winds and heavy snow loads. As well as cutting down on heating costs. The geodesic dome gives family the necessary greenhouse environment to grow food.  Apples, cherries, plums, apricots, kiwis, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, squash, and melons. These are just some of what they can grow in an area that is without sunlight for three months a year.

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