Artist Handcrafts Colorful Ceramic Pots That Fit In Palm

London-based artist Yuta Segawa has a penchant for hand-thrown ceramic pots and gourds. What sets this ceramicist’s clay creations apart from others. However, is that Segawa’s vessels can comfortably fit in the palm of your hand!

Colorful Ceramic Pots That Fit In Palm

Each of the Japanese artist’s small clay pots showcases an amazing attention to detail and a skillful understanding of the pottery practice. Like traditional vessels, the petite pieces are individually created on a potter’s wheel. Using special tools and the tips of his fingers, he fashions the miniatures. It comes in all sorts of shapes and silhouettes. Once completed, he coats each piece in a specially-developed glaze.

Rendered in a range of colors, the polychromatic collection exhibits and emphasizes the artist’s preference for a bold and bright palette. These eye-catching pigments accentuate the individuality and distinctive aesthetic of his already-striking series. It aptly conveys his artistic approach to pottery.

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