Colorful Glass Sculptures Sprout In New York Botanical Garden

For over 45 years, the glistening colorful glass sculptures of artist Dale Chihuly have mesmerized modern art lovers. With their bright colors and ethereal translucence, the awe-inspiring, large-scale pieces are particularly radiant when installing outdoors. To present the pieces at their al fresco finest, the New York Botanical Garden has curated a special solo exhibition featuring over 20 Chihuly originals.

Colorful Glass Sculptures In New York Botanical Garden

Simply titled CHIHULY, the exhibition traces the impressive evolution of the celebrated artist. It offers a mix of the old and new, combining the artist’s earlier drawings and sculptures with more recent installations, including site-specific pieces made especially for the botanical garden. The sculptural installations are sprawled out among the gardens and greenhouses, mingling with the site’s existing plants, water fixtures, and architecture to totally transform the space.

While the sculptures’ effect on their environment is a predominant part of the garden exhibition. The environment’s effect on the sculptures is just as spectacular. Each work of art’s aesthetic changes according to both the time of day and the time of year. In the daytime, the blown-glass pieces sparkle with sunlight. By night, the pieces glow with artificial luminescence, culminating in a dazzling display of color. Similarly, as the seasons—and, consequently, the weather and foliage—evolve, so does one’s perception of the sculptures. Making this unique exhibition “a must-see throughout the changing seasons from spring through fall.”

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