Dariusz Klimczak Mysteriously Composite Pictures

Dariusz Klimczak mysteriously composite pictures. Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak constructs unique areas through clever adjustment. Each individual image in the expert photo editor’s increasing selection is a composite resin of a number of features that work in unison to present a natural, at the same time out of the ordinary, landscape. Extra usually than not, Klimczak’s subject areas are placed in deserted, unwelcoming areas that make the audience issue how any of the heroes wound up in that location.

If a small girl is mysteriously on top a huge boulder in the center of thin air, a disproportionately massive luggage is being tugged by a little man in a desert, or a ladder is strangely offering from a rotting tree stump, Klimczak’s black and white images offer a concurrent sense of mystery and playfulness. There is a imagination filled attractiveness to the mystifying world he has designed and carries on to increase.

Mysteriously Composite Pictures:






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