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Diana Movie Review

For the information of the readers, Diana is a biographical drama film and that is based on the last 2 years of Diana who was the Princes of Wales. This biographical film has been directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The screenplay of this movie is based on Kate Snells’s 2001 book named by Diana: Her Last love. This movie is written by Stephen Jeffreys. Producers of the movie are Robert Bernstein and Douglas Rae. On 5th September 2013, the very first premier of Diana was done in London and this film was released on 20th September 2013. From the sources, we came to know that this movie named by Diana was hugely and massively criticized by press.

Diana Movie Review

This movie, Diana focuses on the last 2 years of her life and later on she got divorce from Prince Charles. In this movie, relation of Diana with her heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed are also depicted and showed!

Cast of the movie includes:

• Naomi Watts

• Naveen Andrews

• Cas Anvar

• Harry Holland

• Doglas Hodge

• Geraldine James

• Charles Edwards

• Mary Stockley

So far, this film, Diana has been receiving negative reviews from the British press. It has only approval rating of just 3% .

David Edwards who is the writer of the Mirror said:

‘’It was a cheap and cheerless effort that looks like a channel – 5 mid week matinee time’’.

He rated the file one star out of five! Peter Bardshaw from the Guardian also gives only ne start out of five stars to this movie! He called the firm as car crash cinemas!

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