Architect Inspired Elegant Towering Cakes Fine Art

The creative cakes produced by Moscow-based bakery Tortik Annushka aren’t your average confections. It was founded by siblings Madina and Tortik Yavorskaya. The family-run pastry company boasts an impressive selection of elegant towering cakes.

Madina, who’s academically trained in the fine arts, and Tortik, whose background is in architecture, opened the bakery in 2009. Since then, they have dedicated their time to perfecting a plethora of sweets.

Architect Inspired Elegant Towering Cakes Fine Art

Some, like those with organic patterns, abstract adornments, and asymmetrical compositions, showcase Madina’s artistic approach to the craft. Others, like those embellished with geometric motifs or more obviously designed to look like cityscapes, communicate Tortik’s architectural experiences. Whether more arts-oriented or more structural, each cake exhibits the Yavorskaya siblings’ dedication to handcrafted, homemade desserts—as well as to each other. “We always work together, and we get inspired by progress,” Madina told Instagram blog.

As one can imagine, the process required by each exquisite cake is both a labor of love and an experimental expression of creativity. “Creating a single cake may take a week,” Madina explains. “Ideas simply come to us, and sometimes, they emerge as we experiment.”

Tortik Annushka also offers confectionary classes through their baking school. With courses from cupcake creating to macaron making, the sweets school is sure to help you brush up on your baking!

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