Enchanting Photos Capture Natural Winter Beauty In Finland

Nestled in the snowy mountains and set under the shimmering Northern Lights, Lapland, Finland, is renowned for its jaw-dropping scenery and striking natural beauty. Eager to experience an enchanting Finnish winter, Tokyo based photographer Yuichi Yokota spent 3 months in the dreamy region. He snapped surreal photos while living like a local.

In his series of photographs, Yokota gives his viewers a glimpse into the wonder and awe of the Finnish Lapland. To fully capture the depth of his experiences, he photographed a wealth of subjects, paying equal attention to Mother Nature’s majesty and to the region’s own charming details. From vast, starry skies and mighty waterfalls to simple stacks of textured firewood and a steaming metal tea kettle. The diverse collection of snapshots illustrates all aspects of Lapland life.

Enchanting Natural Winter Beauty In Finland

The beautiful photos also document the artist’s personal experiences exploring the splendid site. He describes them as nothing short of a winter wonderland. “Extreme temperatures, snow-covered landscapes, auroras borealis, journeys in sled with huskies and ice climbing – all that characterizes a freezing winter season and warm and poetic moments offered by nature.”

You can see more magical photographs from Yokota’s winter in Finland on his website. Keep up with all of his aesthetic adventures on Instagram.

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