Foster The Festivity With These Creative Super Bowl Snacks

The sporting event of the year (and unofficial holiday) Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. Whether you’re a die hard football fan or can’t name a play, we all come together for one thing: the Super Bowl party. Between the food and commercials, even those with a passing interest in the game can have fun. And, what better way to foster the festivity with creative Super Bowl snacks!

Foster The Festivity With These Creative Super Bowl Snacks

When it comes to festive foods, many recipes use the football as their visual inspiration. From cheeses to cakes to pretzels, they’re all fashioned into the iconic oblong shape. The ball’s white laces, however, is what really shows that they’re influenced by the game. While they may seem like complicated culinary creations, these fun snacks are easy to make—it’s just a couple extra steps (and patience) that will capture the celebratory spirit of the Super Bowl.

If you’re still figuring out what to make for your Super Bowl party, check out these 15 dishes from around the web. Because when it comes to these celebrations, it’s game on.

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