Fragmented Wire Sculptures Capture the Complexity of Man’s Inner Psyche

Romanian sculptor Darius Hulea molds metal wire to create incredible artwork reflecting on the inner and outer psyche of man. Drawing portraits out of metal, his subjects are fragmented wire sculptures, as though a sketch left incomplete.

Fragmented Wire Sculptures Capture

Interestingly, a large collection of his contemporary portraits depict historic philosophers, writers, artists, and musicians from his homeland. Turning the classic heroism of the portrait bust on its ear. The young sculptor creates a contemporary immortalization of each figure.

Art critic and curator Oliv Mircea describes his work as “never lacking vigor and veracity”. And containing “a certain and well-known elegance that resides in expression and style that is the result of the sculptor’s observational force and artistic analysis”. Indeed, each figure has a timeless and contemplative expression. With Hulea’s ability to portray the wisdom behind their eyes a marvelous feat.

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