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Light Painting Duo Captures Perfectly Timed Photo as Lightning Strikes

With an imaginative interest in light painting and an ability to freeze fleeting moments in time. Artist Eric Paré creates mesmerizing studies of light, space, and time. While most of his dazzling depictions are accomplished using artificial luminescence, Paré and his model, Kim Henry. Were recently in for a serendipitous shock when a fork of lightning made a striking appearance in one of their photographs.

Light Painting Duo Captures Perfectly Timed Photo

Set in New Mexico’s beautiful White Sands Monument, the light painting shows Henry as she gazes toward the horizon and grasps a glowing tube of light. In the distance, looming dark storm clouds are lit by a lightning bolt, which the duo amazingly captured on film.

Surprisingly, this electrifying image was initially intended as a “behind-the-scenes” shot. Typically, Paré—who prefers to be part of the process rather than behind a camera—snaps each photograph with a remote trigger. The convenience of this tool allows him to multitask. As he must also create a light source behind Henry, who statically strikes a pose.

When this particular photograph was taken, however, Henry was the one handling both the remote and the light tube, as Paré was busy preparing equipment. So, how did they magically manage to capture the perfectly-timed photograph? “What Kim told me is that she started to pose, and waited for that moment,” he explains in a blog post. “And it happened. She triggered when she felt it.

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