I Made This Crater Lake Sculpture With A Mirror Inside

This piece was made out of laser cut mat-board, with an embedded mirror as the surface of the water, and framed with stained hickory. The wall hanging piece is 33 in x 43 in x 4 in. After visiting this amazing national park this May. I decided to recreate lake sculpture with a bit of a psychedelic spin.

Crater Lake Sculpture With A Mirror

I use a laser cutter at a local maker space here in Colorado (Tinkermill in Longmont). I cut out the layers from 28 different sheets of colored mat-board. Then I glue the sheets back together with spray adhesive and some added PVA glue. There is a sheet of mirrored glass embedded into the mat-board at the elevation of the water surface. Finally, I framed it all is some dark stained hickory wood. If you have any more questions comment or email, I’d love to know your thoughts!

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