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Main Steps To Do Smokey Eyes Makeup

As we all know that this is the age of fashion, style and glamour. There would be no such single women who would not love to make herself even much more attractive and stunning with the application of makeup. As the fashion planet has been rotating with many twists in the same way the makeup trends are even making many more changes in its category. If we give a look at today fashion trends then the young girls are favoring a lot to carry out the smokey eye makeup for the parties. This is one of the most wanted makeups for the eyes for making the women look young and even hot too.

Now there are majority of the women and girls who are probably not aware from the application of the smokey eye makeup in the finest manner. In the below article we will going to mention out with some of the main steps or you can say the tutorial for making eh smokey eye makeup simple and easy for the beginners.


1. In the very beginning you must apply the oil free moisturizer over the eye lids and then apply the lip balm over the eye lid area. This will allow the eyes to look out comfortable and soothe looking for the makeup.

2. Now you have to make sure one thing that you will start with the makeup starting from the lower eye lid first. You must carry out the eye lining with the liner or even with the mac coal pencil as well.

3. You have to blend the eye liner with the pointed brush in proper manner.

4. Now take the brown color into the crease of the eyes and blend it on the upper up to the brow bone.

5. Now add with the dark shadow to extend the darker circle and for the sake of blending as well.

6. Now in the end apply the mascara in two coating only.

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