Mermaid Swims In Sea To Spotlight Plastic Pollution

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong is an expert at turning his creativity into a project with a larger purpose. His activism continues with a new series that spotlight plastic pollutionMermaids Hate Plastic exemplifies how art can be used to highlight broader issues. Von Wong began his journey by thinking about a way to make plastic pollution into something eye-catching and dynamic. With the aid of his team and a group of kind strangers, his fantasy to show mermaids swimming in an ocean of bottles came to fruition.

Mermaid Swims In Sea To Spotlight Plastic Pollution

The sea of synthetic materials formed from 10,000 plastic bottles was a deliberate choice. Plastic not only pollutes oceans. It releases toxins that can contaminate water sources. This also contributes to poor air quality through the discharge of poisonous chemicals.


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