See How Modern Technology Has Changed Cats Lives

Modern Technology Has Changed Cats Lives

Smart phones. Personal computers. Flat screen TV. The internet. Few individuals can live without them, and those that are generally branded weird, hostile to being social, or subversive. Be that as it may, how has the catlike world reacted to the development of the modern technology transformation? I hear you cry! All things considered, with a lot of perplexity it appears.

As should be obvious from these photos, felines have no clue what to accept any longer. Mouse is an animal or a computer accessory? Ball of yarn is actually a tangled cluster of cables? Is a radiator the same as a laptop adapter? Are those flying creatures on TV genuine? Modern Technology may be valuable to people yet it is transforming felines into mental wrecks. Simply investigate to understand. Just take a look below to see what we mean.

1. Sitting On TV

2. Intruding Human Personal Space

3. Getting Warm

4. Hunting

5. Bird Watching

6. Getting Tangled

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