Modern Watch Design Uses Shadow Gradients To Tell Time

In 2014, timepiece company Anicorn Watches launched the first in its series of unique watches. Known as The Trio of Time, the popular collection consists of Series 000Series K452. Now, Hidden Time, a minimalist approach to time-telling designed by designer Jiwoong Jung. See below this modern watch design.


Structurally, Hidden Time is quite similar to other watches. It’s composed of a circular face and simple band, which both come in 3-color combinations: black & mid-night, rose gold & coffee, and white & snow. What sets the modern timepiece apart from other designs is its unique alternative to the hour hand. Instead of a traditional ticking needle, Hidden Time uses a UV-printed gradient design to indicate the hour. Since the numbers are rendered in white, they blend in with the pale background when not offset by the swiveling shadow. It evokes the idea of “hidden time.”

When coming up with the concept of a watch, Jung was predominantly inspired by the natural world. “When designing the watch, I was thinking about how to naturally hide passing time,” he says. “My research began with how hiding occurs in nature. It led me to one of the best-known examples—the chameleon’s protective color. Their defense mechanism is a kind of optical illusion. It is a simple and effective way to have two things together naturally when superimposed.” Once he finalized his design, Jung and his team created a Kickstarter page, where you can currently pre-order your own avant-garde watch for a cool $154.

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