MoMA Respond Travel Ban By Showcasing Artists Work

Travel ban on immigrants from 7 Muslim majority countries. Displeased with the fear fueled decision, people in United States have protested the controversial move and questioned its constitutionality through homemade signs, impassioned Tweets, and a deluge of poignant political cartoons. And, now, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City has joined the cause to respond travel ban. They are subtly speaking out against the ban through its curatorial practices. To show its solidarity and showcase the diversity of its collection, the museum has opted to prominently exhibit works by artists from countries singled out by the ban.

MoMA Respond Travel Ban By Showcasing Artists Work

Curators from several departments within MoMA planned, organized, and executed the rehang. It has culminated in the interspersed installation of 8 works by Arab artists. The pieces which span sculpture, painting, works on paper, video art, and even an earthwork. They have temporarily replaced well known pieces from the permanent collection, and are scattered throughout the museum’s fifth floor.

The announcement of the ban had a particularly pertinent and profound impact on the internationally acclaimed museum, as its many of its celebrated artists were immigrants themselves. See installation shots from the powerful MoMA rehang below.

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