Movavi Photo Editor – Bringing About A Revolution Into The World

Almost all of the mesmerizing advertisements and promotions you witness on TV, magazines and otherwise are cut outs placed in a different image or backdrop. Professional ad shoots and photographs are often shot in front of a green or white background and then replaced with a desired background. Movavi Photo Editor is an excellent tool to extract elements from their backgrounds and place them is a more suited backdrop so that they can be effectively used in advertisements, promotional events, hoardings etc. The software is a simple but effective tool which can be used to edit and interchange backgrounds so that you can get rid of unwanted objects or details which have crept into your otherwise perfect shots. The Movavi Photo Editor is a multi faceted image background remover which lets you extract exactly what you require from a given image.

Once you download the Movavi Photo Editor, the Installationinstructions are easy to follow. Once the software is installed, you can open the executable file and browse for images to choose the image you intend to edit. Once it appears in the program’s working area, the background removal tab on the right side of the work area window can be opened to segregate the object from the background using the green foreground brush. After it is done, the Selection eraser tool can be effectively utilized to clear the marks left behind after removal of the unwanted objects. Once the selections are appropriately made, a yellow line will appear around the objects you intend to remove from the image.

If you are satisfied with the overall edits, click on cut out and the objects will appear on a transparent and clean background. In order to select a specific background, you can choose a photo by clicking on the Image file button and select a photo from your personal collection. Should you require leaving the background absolute transparent, you can do so or alternately, select a colour of your choice to make a solid background.  Once the editing is completely finished, all you need to do is click on the apply button and voila! You now have an image devoid of all the unwanted objects and people. The Export button allows you to save the final image into the hardware of your computer which can be in any desired formats such as PNG, BMP, JPEG or other notable ones.

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