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National Geographic Travel Shares the Best Fall Trips of 2017

As summer winds down, there’s no need to tuck away your passport. In fact, the fall season offers all sorts of different adventures, from traipsing across the vineyards in France to experiencing the wonders of the United States National Parks. In the spirit of autumnal travel, National Geographic Travel has released their list of best fall trips 2017.

National Geographic Travel Shares the Best Fall Trips

The list includes far off exotic locations, as well as local adventures, all inspired by National Geographic Expeditions and Lodges. Let’s take a look at what’s on the top of the list for fall 2017, and for full details visit National Geographic Travel.

Revel in Bhutan’s Sacred Rituals

With its eco-friendly constitution and measurements of gross national happiness, a trip to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan can’t help but be enlightening. Annual festivals—Thimphu Tshechu and the Black-Necked Crane Festival—in October and November make fall a great time to visit the country, which only opened its doors to outsiders in the 1970s.

Enjoy Land and Sea in Australia

When spending time Down Under, hit up the Great Barrier Reef or ride the Kuranda Scenic Railway through a rainforest. Either way, you’ll be experiencing something uniquely Australian. You may want to splurge with a stay on Lizard Island, which James Cook named after its abundance of monitor lizards. Between famous diving sites and 24 beaches, you can’t go wrong.

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