Nimble Ballet Dancers On Bustling Hong Kong Streets

Photographer Omar Robles‘ career continues to take off, as he brings his talents to the other side of the world during a shoot in Hong Kong. After New York, Cuba, Mexico City, and Puerto Rico, the talented photographer tackles Asia for the first time, shooting local nimble ballet dancers on the bustling city streets.

Nimble Ballet Dancers On Bustling Hong Kong Streets

For Robles, the trip was an affirmation of just how far he’s come in his career. The journey was brought about by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. It commissioned him to shoot dancer Brittany Cavaco for a campaign promoting local arts venues. After an intense shoot, he returned to what he does best. He called local dancers to be photographed in urban environments.

“There’s no other feeling in the world for me than that of shooting where the locals walk every day. The markets, the sidewalks, the alleys…that’s where I love to be,” Robles writes. “The main idea behind portraying dancers in urban spaces is to not to disrupt these settings but to compliment and harmonize with them. The visual cacophony of the city cries out for an opposite in order to find balance. That is what I am trying to achieve by juxtaposing the dancers’. These are beautiful, subtle and soft lines against the hectic and chaotic jumble of the city.”

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