Artist Has Turned Old CDs Into Adorable Animal Sculptures

Artist Sean E. Avery is transforming shattered CDs and DVDs into works of art with his adorable animal sculptures. By getting creative, he’s found an unusual art medium to express himself, while at the same time producing incredible recycled sculpture art.

Artist Has Turned Old CDs Into Adorable Animal Sculptures

From majestic birds in flight to cute puppies, each CD and wire sculpture captures the spirit of an animal. Avery uses either silver or colored CDs depending on the creature’s appearance, and each recycled sculpture takes about one week to complete.

The artist begins the process by hand-cutting the CDs with kitchen scissors. He then meticulously applies each shard to a wire frame in order to create the feel and texture needed. Depending on the size, some of the cute animals necessitate over 50 CDs.

“The goal with my sculptural projects is to take the discarded and repurpose it into something beautiful,” shares Avery, who is based in Perth. “I pride myself on being able to deconstruct man-made materials and rebuild them into organic, energetic creations.”

Avery’s recycled sculpture art has been wildly successful, leading to commissions by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, Scitech, and Nespresso. He’s proof that with a little fantasy and patience, seeming trash can be transformed into something spectacular.

These cute animal sculptures are pieces of recycled art made from shattered CDs and DVDs.

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