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Causes And Signs Of Great Depression

Depression is caused by sadness, low self esteem, unhappiness and loneliness. In other words, we can say that depression revive out all the existence of the human feelings, behaviors and their feelings. This is a great and massive problem that is rising day by day especially among women, here in this post, we will be throwing some light on the causes and signs of depressions, have a look at them in detail and get to know that whether these signs are present in you or not!

Causes And Signs Of Great Depression


• A feeling of cynicism, doubt and distrust is there if a person is having the feeling of depression.

• You will feel hopeless and discouraging.

• You will also feel agitated, disturbed and uptight

• Bad temper and irritability can also be seen in these kinds of patients

• You do not feel fun and enjoyment in your assigned tasks

• You are no longer passionate enough

• Levels of energy gets decreased

• You will feel low and does not show interest in your work.

• Your sleep will be affected

• You will adopt an inflexible attitude

• You will be feeling distressed.

• You may start amending down your eating practices

• Suicidal judgment may occur if you will go through this depression phase


• Some of the people have this conception and notion that to adopt the felling of depression, it is mainly because it is in your genes and you have inherit it

• Some triggering events like sexual maltreatment and complicated affiliation or a break up may result in depression

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