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Sinking Floor Installation Looks Like An Endless Portal

Design duo Fanny Bouchet and Emmanuelle Messier of Byme Architecture have a knack for creating inventive interiors and avant-garde art. This multifaceted talent is particularly evident in Débarrassons le Plancher. It is n architectural art floor installation that reimagines history and tricks the eye.

Débarrassons le Plancher—Frenchfor “let’s get rid of the floor”—is composed of over 3,000 wooden cubes. Each block was manually cut by the artists. It eventually glued by hand to the floor of an ancient fortification in the south of France. The cubes are peculiarly arranged in a way that resembles a hole appearing to expand and swallow the floor.

Sinking Floor Installation Looks Like An Endless Portal

This clever construction is intended to reference and reinterpret l’assomoir (“the deadfall”), a trapdoor-type apparatus that fortress defenders would use to trick and attack intruders. Débarrassons le Plancher puts a contemporary—and much less deadly—spin on this ancient tradition. Acting as both an optical illusion and a nod to the past.

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