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Beauty Artist Turns Skull Face Makeup Into Gorgeous Art

Makeup artist Vanessa Davis, known on social media as ‘The Skulltress,’ dreams up ambitious and artistic skull face paint designs. Each elaborate work of makeup art showcases Davis’ cosmetic know-how and wild imagination.

Beauty Artist Turns Skull Face Makeup Into Gorgeous Art

Davis designs a range of out-of-this-world looks. The self-described “makeup and mixed media face-artist”  is known for her skull inspired designs that transcend traditional and trendy skeletal face paint. Unlike many other makeup artists who dabble in this motif, Davis creatively and continuously finds ways to dress it up. Colorful koi fish, a rising phoenix, a butterfly’s wing, and even a sleek, neon hologram are just some of the many ways the artist has experimented with the skull aesthetic.

So, why the skull? For Davis, the decision was a personal one. “I noticed that the successful makeup accounts specialized in either a particular style or subject. So, I chose skulls, which also worked as my heritage is Mexican and English,” she told Allure. “I am fascinated how skulls are portrayed in fashion, art and tattoo art, particularly by Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst.” Davis first exhibited her interest in the skeletal theme a couple of years ago, when she posted her first attempt at the craft on Instagram. Since then, she’s amassed a loyal following and continues to improve her skull-centric skills.

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