Tesoro Announces to Serve In All Cities With Its OnlineShopping Stores

It’s always a challenge for every new player to make a mark in an industry with entrenched companies. Pakistani fashion industry is no exception. Having big players with a monopoly over the market for years, it has been hard for new entrants to challenge the status quo for quite some time. But with the recent changing trends in terms of fashion awareness and exposure, the monopoly of these players have been compromised and they are willing to step out of their comfort zone.

One such brand in the Pakistani fashion world is Tesoro Accessories. With eight years legacy of gradual growth, they have decided to take themselves up a notch by launching a new online shopping store in Pakistan, Tesoro. Through the online world, they are aiming to promote their brand at a national level.

Tesoro has grown from a single outlet, in Gaddafi Stadium Lahore opened in 2009, to having various flagship stores in different major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Gujranwala and Islamabad to name a few. For someone who was alien to the fashion marketing and retail industry, and to achieve all this in a span of eight years is quite commendable.

Paula Tesoro, a South American who founded Tesoro Accessories, discussed about the challenges she and her brand had to face initially. She said, “At our first set up in Gaddafi Stadium, there was a very limited audience who used to walk in the store let alone buy our products. We were perceived as a highly expensive jewelry store by all the surrounding customers. And those who were interested, it was inconvenient for them to visit us. Even with our stores in other cities, we felt that we could not capture the amount of audience that we desired to cover.” Talking about the launch of her online store,, she says,”Thankfully with the boom of e-commerce in the country, our products will be accessible to a larger audience through our newly launched online store.”

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