Top Funny And Craziest Inventions

Yes, some of the inventions do count as funny and crazy one! Here in this piece of writing, we will be telling you top funny and craziest inventions so far, have a look at them and take fun while going through them!


It is that kind of funny and mad invention that with the help of it you can apply the butter on the toast; this is the only reason that it is known by the name of butter stick


It is one the weirdest inventions so far! According to this invention, you will be presented ice cream in a plastic cone and this plastic cone has a battery in it. A small dish has been installed and embossed in this battery that will make the melted ice cream to keeps on rotating and does not allow and permit to create mess for you.


These dine ink utensils are basically and primarily ball points that have knife, spoons and fork caps.


According to this invention, this glass toaster will make you see that whether the toast has been burnt out or not, this is quite and rather amazing. We normally have seen that people having normal toasters, most of the time they burn out toasts because they cannot see that whether toast has been cooked or not. So, for such kind of scenarios this invention is here to bring you out from this trouble.


Yes, it is a water tank and you can take this water tank any where you want to, this is quite and rather funny, what a person will be looking taking a water tank in his or her hands!

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