Woman Restores Old Van To Travel World With Dog

Italy-born travel enthusiast Marina Piro has grown up with two goals in mind. “To be a self sufficient forest fairy,” and to travel world with her rescue dog, Odie. While the first one may be a bit unrealistic, she has already achieved the second thanks to Pam, her fully restored and totally comfortable van.

Woman Restores Old Van To Travel World With Dog

Last year, after two months of research, Piro began her ambitious van restoration project by purchasing a 5-door 2001 Renault Kangoo. She first gutted the vehicle, and then gradually completed a number of modifications. It includes replacing the floor, installing LED lights, constructing a kitchenette, and building a bed. With a few finishing touches—pots and pans, curtains for privacy, cozy bedding, and some houseplants. The vehicle went from “little moving can” to home sweet home.

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