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Wonderful Childhood Paintings by Donald Zolan

Wonderful childhood paintings by Donald Zolan. Donald Zolan is America’s Leading Children’s oil painting specialist. Donald Zolan paintings of Heartwarming Childhood Purity. His work enjoys the joy of childhood oil painting, with all its delights, innocence, and really like. Recall the sun-kissed days of childhood summers with these heartwarming Childhood dreams. This really like and pleasure is reflected in his works. The exclusive mixture of a subject matter so close to his heart and incredible talent.

Zolan delivers together many techniques and impacts with his child years arrangements. Zolan often uses light as a unifying power in his artwork, to highlight how shiny the world is to a child. He blends his own sebum to get the shiny, stunning shades showed in his many outdoor moments. It was not until he was 13 that he won his first major art competitors. His prize for successful this competitors was a grant to the famous Art Institution of Chicago.

Wonderful Childhood Paintings:









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