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Wonderful Pictures Collection Of Wild Paintings

Wonderful Pictures Collection Of Wild Paintings. I am very happy to see collin bogle paintings. He is really good artist and and i like wild photography but i also love to wild paintings. In the 15 years since he burst onto the art scene, award winning artist Collin Bogle has created a national following for his strikingly realistic wildlife and floral images. The son of a famous American artist, Collin learned the concepts of technique, composition and design from his father, later refining his skills and setting out on his own artistic path. His remarkable ability to capture detail and to master the use of light in natural settings became hallmarks of his work. “Light plays a major role in my work,” states the artist. “An abundance of light and shadows creates a playground for me, and allows a painting to take on a life of its own.” Here i collected 25 beautiful paintings these paintings are so good and stunning. You can see easily everything in his painting and every little thing is so clean and wonderful. Have a look below.

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